Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patience, my dear...

Wow... another post, and so close together! I just may fall out!
Well, I set the rest of my schedule to complete my Master's degree in Professional Counseling. May 2012 I will graduate. I am somewhat jealous of my 2 beautiful sisters who get to graduate this May, but their long hours of toiling over books, papers, and higher levels of thinking must pay off, and for goodness sakes, come to an end! They have earned it. I stop right now and give thanks to our God for allowing women to be able to seek educations here in our country. It is not a perfect country, but we could have been born at a different time or in a different place where such luxuries were not afforded to working class women. Thank you, Jesus, and Amen.
I am communicating my resignation to the administration at my school. I have given myself a rough estimate of 24 weeks left and I will be done. I will suck the marrow from each day with these beautiful darlings that I am teaching until that time.
I still look toward the horizon and realize that I will be able to walk in the purpose of my Father through my degree very soon, and until that day has arrived, I will be walking in the purpose of my Father every day, try every minute, and look to my siblings to keep me on my path. Much love to my ladies! Mary and Vonda, you know who you are! (Everybody does now!!)

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